Ambassador Mark Brzezinski’s Remarks at AH-64 Apache Gunnery Event

Ambassador Brzezinski Remarks

AH-64 Apache Gunnery Event

Nadarzyce Bombing Range

21 July 2023

Dzień Dobry! Cóż za niesamowita okazja, być świadkiem siły rażenia śmigłowca AH-64 Apache! [What an amazing opportunity to witness the firepower of the AH-64 Apache helicopter!]

Obejrzenie tego wydarzenia razem z Panem ministrem obrony narodowej Błaszczakiem było dla mnie niesamowitym zaszczytem! [And to watch this event alongside Defense Minister Błaszczak has been an incredible honor!]

Thank you to the 3rd Combat Air Brigade for hosting us! We are incredibly proud of our men and women in uniform. You risk your lives to keep us safe.

This group of courageous men and women arrived in Poland in May and have hit the ground running.

From live fire training with Polish forces, to working alongside Polish Navy Special Operation Forces, and taking part in cultural and local community-oriented engagements with fellow U.S. soldiers – you have provided so much valuable expertise to our friends in Poland.

Thank you for representing the very best of America and for putting on such a memorable demonstration.

Today we got to see what Apache helicopters are capable of – proof that this aircraft is the most advanced military helicopter in the world.

The Apache brings with it a globally recognized reputation. The U.S. Army’s attack helicopter is designed to support Brigade Combat Teams across the full spectrum of warfare.

They are combat proven and a survivor. The Apache is often nicknamed the “flying tank,” which should tell you everything you need know.

And they are built by Boeing, a trusted U.S. company, that already has a footprint in Poland.

To, co sprawia, że te ćwiczenia tutaj na żywo mają jeszcze większe znaczenie, to fakt, że w niedalekiej przyszłości to polscy lotnicy będą pilotować tę niesamowitą maszynę. Polska jest w trakcie zakupu śmigłowców Apache ze Stanów Zjednoczonych. [What makes this live exercise even more impactful is that Polish pilots will fly this amazing machine in the near future. Poland is in the process of purchasing Apache helicopters from the United States.]

In the meantime, Poland is receiving an early introduction to these high-tech aircrafts. The 3rd Combat Air Brigade has already provided valuable know-how to the Polish Air Force.

Plus, we are sending eight Apache helicopters to Poland on a temporary basis, so your military experts can be even more prepared for this historic upgrade.

Polish pilots, and the knowledgeable people who maintain the helicopters, will travel to the United States to begin training next month.

This acquisition improves Poland’s ability to support NATO ground forces during large scale combat operations under day or night conditions.

It allows us to increase our interoperability and the meshing together of American and Polish troops.

It also shows how serious the United States and Poland take our NATO commitments. Jedność celu [A unity of purpose] was further solidified at the NATO Summit in Vilnius just a few weeks ago.

The threats we face are global and interconnected. It’s our transatlantic values we hold so dear and cooperation in NATO that serve as the foundation of our collective defense.

I’m so proud that President Biden has led the way in strengthening our resolve. NATO is stronger and more united than ever before.

The United States has rallied likeminded countries around the globe – building a global coalition in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

We are committed to supporting Ukraine alongside Poland, our allies, and partners for as long as it takes.

Just this week, the Biden Administration announced a new security package, $1.3 billion of critical assistance to support Ukraine’s needs on the battlefield.

$1.3 billion to support Ukraine announced this week!

And Poland has been a leader too. Serving as a hub for humanitarian and security support for Ukraine. It’s Poland who has led the way on regional security. This country is working at lightning-fast speed!

Through an ambitious multi-year, multi-billion-dollar defense modernization program, which includes the acquisition of significant U.S.-made military equipment, Poland is building an awe-inspiring combat power along NATO’s eastern flank.

Polish pilots flying Apache helicopters, Polish soldiers operating Abrams tanks – these are huge shifts and a significant upgrade from Soviet era technology.

Bycie w posiadaniu możliwości jakie daje ta maszyna i wiedza, jak z nich korzystać, jest drogą do utrzymania pokoju, stabilności i swobód demokratycznych. A Stany Zjednoczone towarzyszą Polsce na każdym kroku tej drogi. [Having these capabilities, and knowing how to use them, is a path to maintain peace, stability, and democratic freedoms. And the United States is with Poland every step of the way.]

This moment is a remarkable moment in the Polish-American special friendship. We have a huge opportunity to leave a better tomorrow for our young people. We should seize it!