Ambassador Brzezinski’s Video Remarks for  Microsoft Cloud Launch

European Economic Congress, Katowice

April 26, 2023

Dear Guests, Good morning, Dzien dobry to you!

Thank you for joining us for today’s event!  Although I can’t be there with you in person, thanks to digital technology, I have the pleasure of speaking to you remotely, which is further proof that anything is possible in our highly interconnected world.

Microsoft has been a driving force behind this innovation in Poland and around the globe.  I’m proud that today we are taking another major step forward.  Microsoft’s one-billion-dollar investment in the Azure Poland Center is a game changer.  It integrates Poland into Microsoft’s global cloud ecosystem, and with that comes the highest of security standards.

In a time of economic and geopolitical challenges, this is part of the solution.  Connecting Poland to trusted cloud infrastructure is a way to ensure safety and security.

And it is all possible because of Microsoft’s commitment to ongoing investment and research.  Microsoft monitors, understands, and defends against the latest scope and scale of digital threats around the world.  To put it simply, Microsoft is committed to keeping its customers’ data safe.

This investment demonstrates the significance of the Polish market for the private sector, but it also highlights the depth of our bilateral relationship.  Poland and the United States have never been more connected, and our economic and technological cooperation has help take our countries’ friendship to new heights.

We want Poland to prosper and thrive.  This is another example of how our countries are working together to create an innovative and prosperous future.  And make no mistake, Poland is safe and secure for business!

I look forward to following the continued development of Microsoft in Poland.

Last, but not least Dominika, Ralph, and others from Microsoft who supported this investment – wielkie gratulacje!

Dziękuję bardzo!