Ambassador Mark Brzezinski’s Interview with Fox News

3 April 2022

Arthel Neville, Fox News: Let’s bring in now Mark Brzezinski. He is US Ambassador to Poland. Ambassador, first of all I want to ask you, how do you see it? Do you think the West might not remain united against Russia?

Ambassador Mark Brzezinski: Well, not from the standpoint in Poland, Arthel. I can tell you this country is absolutely committed to the freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine. I’m speaking to you, Arthel, from Warsaw, Poland, and in this city alone, there’s 300,000 Ukrainian refugees. 10% of the population of this city right now is Ukrainian refugees. And this country is committed to tough sanctions, to supporting the Ukrainian people. And it was important, Arthel, that President Biden came here last weekend, and said in English “for your freedom and ours” – and I will say it in Polish, “Za wasza wolnosc i nasza”, those were the words of the famous Polish general, Tadeusz Kosciuszko, when he came to support the American revolutionaries during the Revolutionary War, and that is what our President said to the Polish people. And it was an important reassurance that the Poles got from the Americans. But I think unity is being maintained, particularly here on the Eastern Front.

Arthel Neville, Fox News: Well, that’s so wonderful to hear. And you’re right, the presence of our President of the United States, President Biden, being there physically on the ground and getting those strong words and such sentiment of commitment is very important. And Poland, of course, is very committed, and provides refuge and support for Ukraine, and so many Ukrainians in so many critical ways, as you well know. How long, is what the world would like to know, can Poland take on such enormous weight and responsibility? Let me, if I may, I want to ask you specifically, Ambassador, because again, 2.5 million Ukrainians at this point, having fled to Poland, that’s a huge number of people looking for some sort of a safe haven. So what is the biggest challenge facing Poland in this great humanitarian effort that could possibly be steps away from being an out of control humanitarian crisis?

Ambassador Mark Brzezinski: Well, you’re right, and that’s the right way of putting it: Poland has taken on enormous weight and responsibility. Think about this, Arthel, in the last (six) weeks, Poland has taken in around two and a half million Ukrainian refugees, two and a half million in (six) weeks. And there’s a national policy to take those refugees into people’s homes. And so you’re right to ask me about the capacity issue, and what Poland has seen from people across the world. And I’m so proud when I think about the Ukrainian American community, the Polish American community that has sent money, that has sent humanitarian supplies to help the refugees here. And so it’s a lot of people that is coming to this country, and a lot of resources are being sent here to support it. More is needed. More is needed by the Polish Red Cross. More is needed by … Well, the answer, Arthel, is that we can’t know that because we can’t be in Putin’s head. We don’t know what further horrors he will commit that may send millions more across the border. At this point, I can report to you that this country has this in hand, although it needs resources and welcomes resources through its lead NGOs and charities like the Polish Red Cross, like the Polish Humanitarian Assistance, but quite frankly, it will be a capacity issue. And the hope for all the people who are coming here is that they can return to Ukraine. That’s why they’re staying close to Ukraine in Poland, and not going further west to Germany, to France, to Spain. They want to stay here, the Ukrainian refugees, so they can go back to their homes quickly and start rebuilding. But how long it lasts. Arthel? I don’t know. We don’t know what Putin will do next. And in the meantime, tough sanctions supporting the refugees is the approach the Poles, with support by the Americans, (are) taking.

Arthel Neville, Fox News: Well, Ambassador, you clearly have a sincere passion and compassion for the people of Ukraine and you’re representing Poland so well and representing our country just as wonderfully. So I thank you, US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski. Thank you for joining us. Good to talk to you.

Ambassador Mark Brzezinski: Thank you, Arthel. Thank you for the chance.