Ambassador Mark Brzezinski’s Remarks at an Announcement by Intel

Ambassador Mark Brzezinski’s Remarks at an Announcement by Intel

June 16, 2023

Conference Center of the ARCHE Hotel, Wrocław


Dzień dobry! I am honored to join Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Minister Cieszysnki.

I am honored to join esteemed guests from the Polish government, Germany, and the European Union on this historic day.

By expanding its already substantial footprint in Poland, U.S. tech giant, Intel is making a reality the words: Chcemy, aby Polska dynamicznie się rozwijała or “We Want Poland to Prosper and Thrive.”

Intel is one of the biggest U.S. investors and employers in Poland. It already has its R&D center in Gdansk. Today’s announcement is another major step forward.

Today marks one of the biggest U.S. investments in Poland’s history.

This is a huge deal. This is one of the most powerful examples of how close the U.S. and Polish friendship has become. A prosperous Poland is in the American interest.

We want to see this country succeed because that means we are succeeding too.

This investment also shows where are friendship is going – how Poland and the United States are committed to building a better future together.

To us, there is a strategic overlay to the commercial context. Commercial investment brings American interests, values, know-how, and net worth.

By definition, a major investment makes our bond much, much closer.

Semiconductors power nearly everything that we do. Semiconductors are the foundation for computers and electronic devices.

Semiconductors support almost every industry, and, in several ways, they made this press conference happen today.

Semiconductors are a critical piece of the present and our secured future. Intel’s investment makes supply chains more resilient; it can help to prevent future chip shortages.

Today’s announcement fulfills the U.S. and the EU commitment to diversifying technology research and production into new markets through the U.S. CHIPS Act and the EU CHIPS Act.

This underscores how transatlantic collaboration will continue to play a key role in technologies of the future.

President Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS Act into law last summer, which included an unprecedented American investment in the development and manufacture of semiconductors.

Now, with our partners in Europe, we’re taking our shared commitment to the next level, all while allowing us to preserve a level, transparent playing field for our industries.

Intel is an iconic American brand. Like so many American companies, it brings a gold standard of labor and corporate responsibility with it around the globe.

Safety, security, reliability, and a relentless innovative spirit is built into Intel’s motherboard.

Intel is also at the forefront of promoting diversity and inclusion, which is extremely important to me and to the U.S. government.

And I have no doubt that this investment will be contagious. This shows the world that Polska jest otwarta dla biznesu or “Poland is Open for Business!”

This announcement will open doors for Intel’s suppliers and create a multiplier effect of exciting new, high-tech investments into Poland. It creates opportunities and prosperity for both of our countries.

Czy Polska może być globalną centralą “nowej” Doliny Krzemowej? Tak, to już widać na horyzoncie, a ja jestem dumny z tego że budujemy tę innowacyjną przyszłość razem!

Could Poland be the global headquarters of the “new” Silicon Valley? Yes, it’s already on the horizon. I’m so proud that we are building this innovative future together!