Ambassador Jones Celebrates 100 Years of US-Polish Relations in Talk at Koźmiński University in Warsaw

Ambassador Jones meets international students of business and management at Koźmiński University in Warsaw, Poland.

On December 7 Ambassador Paul Jones visited Koźmiński University where he met with its international student body, gave a talk on “Celebrating 100 Years of US-Polish Relations” and answered questions from students.  The Ambassador spoke about the last century of relations between Poland and United States, emphasizing the key role that people-to-people connections have played in establishing and maintaining strong bilateral relations.  He discussed America’s contributions to Poland regaining its independence in 1918 and the impact of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points address to the U.S. Congress in which the American President called for Poland’s reestablishment as an independent nation-state.  He also described current relations and spoke about the bright future that lies ahead for both countries.  The Ambassador likewise highlighted the December 6 launch of a “100 Years Together” campaign that the US Embassy held in twenty locations around Poland to start celebrating the centennial of US-Polish relations.