Ambassador Mark Brzezinski’s Interview with TVP Info at SGGW

3 November 2022

TVP Info: (Today we are on the campus of SGGW, a university that today hosted US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski, who is my guest.) Hello Mr. Ambassador.

Ambassador Brzezinski: Hello Justyna, thank you for having me.

TVP Info: This tree is a symbol.

Ambassador Brzezinski: It is. It’s a symbol of renewal of the strong American Polish ties that have existed for 200 years, like some of the oldest trees here, but in 2022, have found new purposes and new alignments. It’s a symbol to the American Polish relationship that is truly being reborn in 2022.  There is no more appropriate place to do that, than here at a university because it’s all about the young people and the special role they play in Poland in 2022.

TVP Info: Mr. Ambassador, what do you think about this visit to SGGW?

Ambassador Brzezinski: I’ve a great visit at SGGW, because this is a university that celebrates life sciences.  Justyna, great science knows no borders.  That’s what was shown in the nuclear deal that came together this week between America and Poland. Great science knows no borders.  There’s a meshing together in the American Polish partnership that is stronger and deeper than ever before. I’m so proud to serve as US Ambassador to Poland, especially in 2022.

TVP Info: What did you talk about with students?

Ambassador Brzezinski: First of all, I listened to the students because these students are in tune with the challenges of our time. I listened to these students, because they are part of the rapid mobilization of Poland in 2022.  Because in this embrace of the Ukrainian refugees, the young people really had a fundamental role. So the first thing I did was I listened to the students, and then I answered their questions. I answered their questions about how we can mesh together even more closely, especially on the sciences. I think, when it comes to the future, SGGW, and universities oriented to the sciences, will have a special role in creating even closer ties between Poland and America. Because there’s so much we can do together on engineering, on technology, on sciences.

TVP Info: What do you think about cooperation between Poland and the USA?

Ambassador Brzezinski: Cooperation between Poland and the USA is stronger now than ever before – because we’re doing more with each other than ever before. As we talk here, Justyna, there are thousands of American troops deployed all across the country, all on Polish bases, working shoulder to shoulder with Polish soldiers to keep Poland and NATO secure. As we talk, there are thousands of Polish families who have (shown) tremendous generosity by welcoming Ukrainian families into their homes and into their apartments. We the Americans see that. We the Americans celebrate that. We the Americans say thank you, “dzienkuje,” to the Polish people for doing that. Justyna

TVP Info: Oh, thank you so much.  This cooperation is very important.

Ambassador Brzezinski: The cooperation is key.  The American Polish relationship is a very special friendship and America is Poland’s closest ally. We are doing things together, that Poland is doing with no one else.  Especially now, this relationship is multi-dimensional. It’s not just military to military, or government to government. It’s scientists to scientists; it’s business person to business person; it’s people to people.  One of the things I said in my meeting with the young people -because I met a whole group of enthusiastic students here – I said, “Please, please come to America. Please come and study in America. Please come and visit us. Please honor us by coming to see us. I want there to be more exchanges, more visits between Poland and America than there’s ever been before.”  I got great enthusiasm from these students today. The cooperation between America and Poland has never been stronger.

TVP Info: Thank you so and much.  (I remind our viewers that our guest has been Mark Brzezinski, Ambassador of the United States to Poland.)