Ambassador Mark Brzezinski’s Remarks on Welcoming U.S. President Biden to Poland

The Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw
February 21, 2023 

Szanowni Państwo:  To jest historyczny moment!  Nigdy wcześniej Prezydent USA nie był w Polsce dwa razy w ciągu tego samego roku.  Prezydent Biden dba o Polskę, dba o Was i dba o Wasze bezpieczeństwo.  

Ladies and gentlemen:  these are historic times in the U.S.-Polish relationship.  Poland and America have been linked for over two centuries in the quest for freedom.  That is why Poles have come to America and why Americans have gone to Poland.  For over 200 years – for over 200 years – there is a real history of sacrifice between our two nations.  Sacrifice for the cause of American freedom and sacrifice for the cause of Polish freedom.  And for the first time in history, today Americans and Poles share the same freedom, after two centuries of struggle.  And now our collective agenda is being renewed as both of our countries support Ukraine.  

In welcoming refugees from Ukraine, Poland plays an incredibly key role.    

Ladies and gentlemen: the banner over the train station in Przemyśl, Poland – just across the Ukrainian-Polish border in Poland, where so many refugees from Ukraine arrive – that banner reads three words:  “Tutaj jesteście bezpieczni.”  Here you are safe.  Here you are safe.  Who in the world does not want to hear those words?  Here you are safe.    

Poland has acted like a humanitarian superpower in welcoming refugees and for that, we say, “Dziękuję bardzo.”  

Friends:  America and Poland have always been friends, but today we are more than that.  We share not only common values, but an awareness of shared responsibilities for humanity’s future.  In supporting Ukraine, we have taken up the banner Americans and Poles alike have held for two centuries, and we are carrying it as our standard into the future.    

Dzisiaj Polska jest bezpieczna i Polska jest zabezpieczona.  Dziękuję bardzo, Polacy.    

Thank you.