U.S. and NATO Allies Celebrate Successful Conclusion of Anakonda-18 Exercises

On December 6, Ambassador Georgette Mosbacher attended the closing ceremonies for the Anakonda-18 (AN-18) multinational training exercise in Elblag, Poland, which also officially confirmed the successful validation of the Headquarters Multinational Division-North East (MND-NE) per the 2016 Warsaw NATO Summit.  President Andrzej Duda, Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and GENCOM General Jaroslaw Mika attended on behalf of the Polish government and military. Military and civilian leaders from U.S. Army Europe, Atlantic Resolve Mission Command Element, Illinois National Guard, and NATO ally nations also attended.

Anakonda-18 is the largest joint training exercise led by Polish forces. This year’s exercise had approximately 23 NATO allies participate. U.S. Army Lt. Gen. John Thomson, the commander of the NATO Allied Land Command, stated at the ceremonies: “In addition to concluding a successful AN-18, we also increased our shared strength by certifying a multinational division headquarters capability of synchronizing and applying the elements of combat power. It’s a headquarters that brings cohesion and coherence to our forward presence.”