Apollo 11 Premiere Screening


Ambassador Mosbacher opened the pre-premiere screening of the amazing CNN documentary film, Apollo 11, at Kino Kultura on Wednesday, July 10 before 150 guests and members of the Embassy community.  Featuring incredible never-before-seen, enhanced footage of the Apollo 11 mission, it highlighted the moon landing as both a technological achievement and a symbol of what can be accomplished on behalf of all mankind when we work together. The Ambassador mentioned future space plans that could include exploration of Mars (and Venus) and that the technology of the Apollo mission was impressive – doesn’t compare with even our iPhones today!  In partnership with the film’s Polish distributor, NA ZYWO W KINACH, the U.S. Embassy presented Apollo 11 as part of our 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo Program that landed a dozen Americans on the Moon between July 1969 and December 1972.  This screening also served to promote the opening of the embassy-sponsored Apollo 11 exhibit on July 20th (the actual 50th anniversary date of the first moon landing) at Dom Spotkań z Historią.

The Apollo missions captured the world’s attention and demonstrated the power of America’s vision and technology to inspire humankind to great achievements, exploration and scientific discovery.  And now NASA is working with international and commercial partners to go back to the Moon, with an eye to eventually going on to Mars and beyond, an effort that includes two Polish companies which provided key components for NASA’s rover mission to Mars.