Signing of an Aviation Security Agreement

In the spirit of enhancing the security of international civil aviation, on December 2, 2021 the United States and Poland signed an aviation security agreement that sets forth the legal framework for the reciprocal deployment of In-Flight Security Officers (IFSO) on board certain passenger flights.  This agreement will, subject to applicable domestic and international law, and consistent with standards and recommended practices promulgated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), permit either country to deploy its IFSOs on board aircraft registered in that country that operate between the two countries.  This agreement will strengthen Poland’s already robust aviation security efforts by furnishing a security presence on board passenger flights between the United States and Poland. IFSOs serve as an active last line of defense against terrorism and air piracy, and are an important part of a multi-layer strategy adopted by the United States to thwart terrorism in the civil aviation sector. This agreement will allow Poland to take an active part in this strategy. Globally, IFSO programs continue to grow and proliferate, as more and more countries accept the value of these programs in the fight against terrorism.