BALTOPS 18 Exercise Media Availability Press Release

BALTOPS 18 exercise will take place in the Baltic Sea region from June 3 – 15, in which 4,700 sailors and marines from 20 NATO member and two NATO partner countries will participate.

2018 marks the 46th edition of the biggest naval exercise in the Baltic region. BALTOPS is an annual joint, multinational maritime exercise focused on joint training with special emphasis on anti-submarine warfare, counter-mine warfare, air defense and amphibious operations.

This year’s exercise will include an amphibious operation on the coast of Ustka, Poland. The main international task force will land in amphibious assault vehicles (AAV), landing craft air cushion (LCAC) vehicles and Polish landing ships (LST).

Deadline for media accreditation is on Tuesday, June 5 at 12:00 p.m.

Accreditation requests should be sent to:

Please include the following information: 1) first and last name; 2) press pass ID and passport number/nationality; 3) media affiliation (e.g., TV, radio, print and/or online); and 4) vehicle license plate number (e.g., transmission vehicle).

Media with valid accreditation will assemble on Thursday, June 7 at 8:00 a.m. at the Ustka Air Force Training Center (ul. Obronieckiego). (Note: The pick-up time on Thursday, June 7 may change.  Please monitor updates at:

More details concerning the amphibious operation component can be obtained from Polish Air Force Training Center Press Officer Major Karolina Krzewina-Hyc, Tel: +48-519-038-648.