West Point Cadets Visit to Poland

Ambassador Paul Jones met with cadets from the U.S. Army Military Academy at West Point on March 16th as part of their week-long tour to Poland. The cadets are members of a West Point Polish club, called the “Kosciuszko Squadron,” which is an association of cadets who explore and enjoy their Polish heritage while teaching others Polish culture. The club also highlights the contributions of General Tadeusz Kosciuszko and other Polish-Americans to the United States to the greater West Point community. Earlier in the week, the cadets met with President Duda and other Polish government counterparts.  The cadets also visited numerous cultural sites across the country, including the Warsaw Uprising museum in Warsaw and Wawel Castle in Krakow.

The Kosciuszko Squadron cadets have a variety of connections to Poland, including Polish heritage, Polish travel experiences, and a deep interest in Polish culture. Due to the strong political, military, economic, and social connections between the United States and Poland societies, this visit is a wonderful opportunity for Poles and future U.S. Army officers to bond as well as celebrate the centennial of the U.S.’s role in Poland regaining independence. The U.S. Embassy is very proud of these future Army officers and look forward to having them join the ranks of U.S. officers strengthening U.S.-Polish relations for years to come.