Center for American Law Studies at University of Warsaw Celebrates 20th Anniversary with International Conference

On June 26, the Center for American Law Studies at the University of Warsaw (CALS) celebrated the 20th anniversary of its establishment by holding an international gathering of legal professionals at the “Poland-U.S. Conference on the Rule of Law.”  Held at the premises of the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Law and Administration, the anniversary event drew over 100 participants from Poland, the United States, Germany and Turkey.  Distinguished lawyers and professors from these countries discussed the meaning and definition of the rule of law and the separation of powers, as well as the role of judicial systems and local governments in the rule of law.  U.S. speakers included Linda Klein, the Immediate Past President of the American Bar Association, and deans and professors from Emory University and Georgia State University.  The U.S. Embassy helped support the anniversary event, which was recorded live and is available in Polish and English here.  More information on the conference can also be found at the conference website.

Background on CALS:  CALS was originally sponsored by the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law.  In 2016 it became a joint program of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw, Emory University Law School and Georgia State University’s College of Law.  The Center offers a one-year program designed for law students and graduates with particular interest in the American legal system. During the academic year, the Center offers courses such as an Introduction to American Law, Constitutional Law, Torts, Contracts, Legal Writing, Business Organizations, Intellectual Property, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Law, etc.  These courses are specially designed and selected to give students the best understanding of common law, unique issues of the American legal system, and the rule of law. All courses are taught by professors from Emory University School of Law and Georgia State University College of Law.  Over 2,000 students have enrolled and studied at the Center for American Law Studies since its inception in 1998.