Chargé d’Affaires a.i. B. Bix Aliu’s Remarks at the Three Seas Forum of the Regions in Lublin

29 June 2021

  • The United States has been and continues to be a strong supporter and partner of the Three Seas Initiative.
  • As Secretary Blinken said in one of his very first events as U.S. Secretary of State back in February, the United States is eager to work with the Three Seas countries to strengthen a Europe that is whole, free, prosperous, and at peace.
  • Our strong support for the Three Seas Initiative goes beyond the executive branch.  In November 2020, the House of Representatives unanimously passed a bipartisan resolution expressing support for the 3SI.  The resolution included 43 bipartisan cosponsors.  There will also be a large delegation of U.S. Senators and Congresspeople traveling to the summit in Sofia in July.
  • The Lubelskie Province’s hosting of the Forum of Regions is an example of how the promise of the Three Seas Initiative is spreading beyond the Initiative itself. The work to develop the infrastructure of this region is happening at the subnational level.  This is key to the successful implementation of the objectives of 3SI.
  • 3SI is an incredible tool for attracting private sector investors. The Initiative’s success is dependent on building private public partnerships.  The Business Forum which has been a part of the summit since 2018 is an excellent example of how to attract this investment.
  • I want to make sure to thank our Polish hosts today, especially President Duda. Poland’s efforts have been critical in building support within the region and globally for the Initiative.
  • President Biden and Secretary Blinken believe in working closely with our allies and partners, because we know that there is power and strength in cooperation. Both of them continue to strongly support the Three Seas Initiative because of its ability not only to unite the region but also to strengthen our Transatlantic relationships.
  • I look forward to our discussion today and to continuing to express the United States’ strong support for 3SI which has the ability to transform the region.


  1. How is the 3SI perceived by your administrations? What is the reason for your countries’ interest in the 3SI? 
  • Secretary Blinken spoke to Three Seas ministers and national coordinators in February, noting that “[t]he United States has been a strong supporter of the Three Seas Initiative from the start.” We still are.
  • Members of the U.S. Congress have also indicated strong backing for 3SI.
  • In a post-COVID-19 environment, the Three Seas Initiative offers even greater opportunities for regional prosperity, job creation, and economic stimulus.
  • As an organization composed of democratic states with market economies, it can also contribute mightily to both demonstrating and anchoring its members’ democratic bona fides and the prosperity deriving from democratic, market-based systems.
  1. Do you see a future growing economic role for the 3SI within the EU, in the transatlantic context and for EU-Asia relations? 
  • Three Seas has a very important economic purpose: to build out the North-South energy, transportation, and digital infrastructure on NATO’s eastern flank and the eastern edge of the European Union.
  • But it has an even higher purpose: to complete the unfinished business of a Europe undivided, free, prosperous, and secure.
  • A more prosperous, economically resilient, and secure Europe is a Europe that helps itself and can be an even more capable partner as we together address the challenges of our time.
  • Three Seas also has an important geopolitical dimension: to increase resilience against malign influence, which also spreads via infrastructure projects, as we have seen in so many countries around the world.
  • You are part of the democratic West and Transatlantic community.  The people of your countries want to remain there. We stand with you. We are connected not just by fiber optic cables but by values. Both of those connections are “built into” 3SI.
  1. What are the opinions on the side of your respective business / investment communities as to the business prospects in the 3SI region?
  • The Business Forum at the summit in Bulgaria will be an important component of the success of this year’s Summit.  We look forward to seeing U.S. and regional companies participate. 
  1. Since its creation, 3SI has developed a number of instruments to facilitate economic cooperation both within the 3SI and with its strategic partners. What should we do to further develop in this regard?
  • I am particularly impressed by the strength of the 3SI Investment Fund.  It’s a concrete project, with real funding behind it which is having a true impact on infrastructure in the region.
  • It also is a proof of concept which shows how investing in the region can be successful.
  • You need more projects like the 3SI Fund.  Things that are concrete, involve the private sector, and which can be tied directly to the Three Seas Initiative.
  • You could develop this by promoting progress on priority projects, securing and publicizing private sector support for transborder infrastructure projects, or encouraging the creation of more private sector focused investment funds to operate in the region.