Civic UP Academy Kick-Off

On June 24 Public Affairs Section together with Center for Civic Education and Rural Development Foundation opened the 2nd edition of Civic UP! Academy, a 10-day civic education summer camp for 24 Polish high school students.  Participants from cities and towns across Poland, ages 15-18, learn greater awareness of the U.S. system of government and political system.  They learn from experts the skills in implementing civic and social projects for their local communities. During the academy participants also experience various aspects of American culture such as sports and cuisine. During the inauguration ACAO Scott Whitmore encouraged the participants to “be the leaders in their communities and use the skills from this camp to reach your goals and make a difference in your school, your town and your own life.

Embassy partnered with the American School of Warsaw (ASW) which hosted the students for most of the week and provided classrooms, cafeteria services and access to their athletic field.