Recycle Trash Artist Dianna Cohen Visits Poland

American visual artist and environmental protection activist Dianna Cohen visited Poland March 20-26 for a series of meetings with art institutions and environmental activists in Kraków, Katowice, Radom and Warsaw. Ms. Cohen’s art creatively repurposes recycled plastic bags as a way to eliminate single-use plastics and to limit her plastic “footprint” on the environment. Ms. Cohen is also a founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition which has more than 500 member organizations and a growing number of individuals who seek to increase public awareness of plastic pollution, and moreover, find sustainable solutions.

One of Ms. Cohen’s works, Happy Fabulous, is a part of the Sustainable Art Collection currently featured at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in Warsaw. Together with the artwork of five other American artists, the exhibition is meant to stimulate the way we see, think, and act about the environment, consumerism, and the future of our planet.

On March 26, Ms. Cohen will take part in a public event combining her presentation with a Trash music concert at the Warsaw Centrum Sztuki Nowy Fort, ul. Czarnieckiego 51.