Consulate Krakow: Pol/Econ Officer Andrew Caruso Speaks at Tarnobrzeg School

Manhattan: 3 Dimensions competition in Tarnobrzeg. (photo Krzysztof Watracz)

Political-Economic Officer Andrew Caruso gave a speech on New York City to middle-school students who participated in the Manhattan: 3 Dimensions competition in Tarnobrzeg, south-east Poland.  The February 4th event marked the end of a school semester-long competition covering three disciplines: information and multimedia, art and geography, and literature.  The contest originated by a teacher of Tarnobrzeg Middle School No. 1 and was open to all grammar and middle schools in the city, receiving strong interest among both students and teachers. Contestants demonstrated an impressive level of knowledge of New York City and outstanding expertise in computer programming.  Consul Caruso was also amazed with beautiful art works presenting Manhattan and the extremely impressive song and dance performance of scenes from the American movie High School Musical.  If you add the tremendous command of English exhibited by the students during every stage of the program there is one conclusion to be drawn: Tarnobrzeg is a melting pot of great talents in many areas! New York received a warm welcome in Tarnobrzeg and so did we! Thank you!

Manhattan: 3 Dimensions competition in Tarnobrzeg.
Manhattan: 3 Dimensions competition in Tarnobrzeg (photo Krzysztof Watracz)