Contests on Zoom in on America in Southern Poland

March and April are the months when trivia contests are held based on the material in the U.S. Consulate monthly publication Zoom in on America ( This year’s contests were organized at the America@YourLibrary in Kielce, The John Paul II High School in Niepołomice, the American Corner in Wroclaw, the Jan Heweliusz High School in Legnica, and the Julian Tuwim Schools in Bielsko-Biała. Contests participants were students from senior and junior high schools from these cities and regions.

Contest participants in Kielce (photo courtesy Kielce Library)

School representatives were teams of three students working together to answer a number of questions based on the materials from the past issues of Zoom. The contestants were extremely well prepared and enjoyed the events, which provided an opportunity to show off their knowledge of the United States.

Contest in Wrocław.

The winners of the contests were:

Kielce: 1st place – The Juliusz Słowacki High School, 2nd place – The Stefan Żeromski High School, 3rd place – High School No. 4, all schools from Kielce.
Niepołomice: 1st and 2nd place – teams from The John Paul II High School in Niepołomice, 3rd place – Gimnazjum No. 3 in Targowisko.
Wrocław: 1st place – PZS No.1 in Trzebnica, 2nd place – The Jan Heweliusz High School in Legnica, 3rd place – ZSO No. 5 in Wrocław.
Legnica: 1st place – Społeczne Gimnazjum TWP in Legnica – 2nd place – Gimnazjum Dwujęzyczne in Złotoryja, 3rd place The St. Francis Junior High School in Legnica.
Bielsko-Biala: 1st place – Gimnazjum No. 16 in Bielsko-Biała, 2nd place – Gimnazjum Dwujęzyczne No. 2, 3rd place – Gimnazjum Zgromadzenia Córek Bożej Miłości.

Congratulations to all participants and their teachers!

Winners of the contest in Niepołomice.