Cultural Affairs Officer Encourages Wroclaw Law Students to Consider Diplomacy as Career

Cultural Attaché Dan Hastings with students from the University of Wroclaw

On November 29, the American Center Warsaw hosted first and second year law students from the University of Wroclaw in southwestern Poland as part of the U.S. Embassy’s ongoing Meet America initiative.  Cultural Attaché Dan Hastings greeted the students and spoke to them about the career of diplomacy, encouraging them to consider applying their legal skills one day in this exciting field.  He also encouraged the students to travel as part of their educational process, noting how international travel earlier in his life helped him learn about the world and his own country, and how it helped him to choose the career path that was right for him.  The Cultural Attaché additionally spoke about the importance of sharing one’s culture while traveling, stressing that Poland – as the home of Chopin, Curie-Skłowdowska, and Copernicus – has contributed immensely to world civilization through the achievements of brilliant Poles, and it was up to each new generation to share the richness of their culture with others.  He wished them well in the remainder of their legal studies, encouraging them to pursue their dreams with determination and self-confidence.