Embassy Commemorates World Down Syndrome Day at the American School of Warsaw

On March 21, World Down Syndrome Day, Cultural Affairs Officer Dan Hastings was invited by the American School of Warsaw to speak to 5th grade students about Down Syndrome.  Hastings, the proud father of a child with Down Syndrome, talked about his family’s life raising their child.  He answered numerous questions from children about the science of Down Syndrome as well as his child’s life journey.  Hastings emphasized to the pupils that children with Down Syndrome desire to live the same, fulfilling lives as they do, and that they are inspired by and look up to their peers at school.  Hastings praised the children and American School of Warsaw for creating an atmosphere of inclusion and respect for children with special needs like his child.  He encouraged the children in their lives to look beyond a person’s disabilities to find the special abilities that they bring to the world.