Education Information Center Krakow

The United States Consulate General in Krakow maintains an Educational Advising Center that provides services to Polish citizens interested in university and graduate study in the U.S. The Center has a large collection of up-to-date catalogs and guides, in print and electronic formats, with information on the American system of higher education and the programs of various universities. It includes information on the admissions process, necessary documentation and fees, and required standardized tests. The Center is open at specified hours to individual students seeking guidance on selecting an institution and course of study best suited to their needs.

The Center makes available current, accurate and impartial information on the full range of accredited institutions of higher learning in the U.S. It does not serve as an agent or recruiter for any educational institution. The Center’s resources include

  • Profiles of American institutions
  • Areas of study and course descriptions
  • Application procedures and strategies
  • Options for financial assistance
  • Information on standardized tests

Requirements for admission vary considerably among U.S. institutions. All require a strong secondary school record. Most require one or more standardized tests such as TOEFL (which measures the candidate’s ability in English), SAT (a general knowledge exam), GRE (for post-graduate programs), GMAT (for business programs) or USMLE (a medical licensing exam).

The cost of study in the U.S. is different at each institution. Expenses for a single academic year, including tuition, fees, books and living costs, can range from $15,000 to $35,000 or even more. Each institution manages its own program of financial assistance. Eligibility rules vary.

Various academic exchange organizations provide scholarships for study and research at American institutions. One such organization is the Polish – U.S. Fulbright Commission, based in Warsaw.