Meet America

Are you interested in learning more about the United States from an American diplomat? You can! The U.S. Embassy’s Meet America program coordinates speaking programs for American diplomats to meet with Polish audiences in our American Center in Warsaw.

Who can participate?

The primary audiences for Meet America are high schools, universities and colleges and other organizations interested in hearing from an American diplomat.

Who are the presenters?

Our speakers are American diplomats who work at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw. We can also organize events with American Fulbright Scholars and Polish alumni of U.S. exchange programs.

What can the presenters talk about?

Our presenters primarily focus on U.S. culture and have a wide variety of interests and experience to share. When possible, we will match speakers’ areas of professional expertise with areas of interest for your proposed program.

Where does Meet America take place?

Meet America programs are organized at our American Center Warsaw located at the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology.

What is the language of Meet America programs?

Meet America programs are conducted in English. Please be aware that Meet America is primarily a speaker program, not a language program. To participate in Meet America, audiences must possess sufficient English skills to understand and converse with U.S. diplomats.

How can you request a Meet America speaker?

Please send more specific information about your proposed program to e-mail:

For Warsaw:

For Krakow:

Please provide name/type of school, address, age of group, point of contact.