Consular Section

Contact Information for U.S. Citizen Services

ACS Unit
ul. Piekna 12
00-540 Warsaw
Phone: +48 22 504 2784 (strictly for U.S. Citizen Services)
Fax: +48 22 504 2088
U.S. Citizens Services Navigator 

Appointments are required for all routine American Citizen services. If you need an emergency appointment please contact the ACS Unit.

Please be informed that except for emergencies, the American Citizen Services Unit will be closed to the public on Polish and American holidays and on one working day of each month.

In case of an emergency, you may contact the ACS Unit directly during normal working hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) at (48)(22) 504-2784. Outside of normal working hours, please call (48)(22) 504-2000.

The Warsaw Federal Benefits Unit (Social Security, Veterans, Civil Service, Railroad Retirement Benefits) operates on appointment-only systems.

U.S. Consulate General Krakow
American Citizen Services
U.S. Consulate General
ul. Stolarska 9
31-043 Krakow
Tel: +48 12 424 5100
Fax: +48 12 424 5103

The ACS Unit in Krakow is open from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Mondays through Fridays excluding Polish and American holidays.

U.S. Consular Agency Poznan
ul. Paderewskiego 8
61-770 Poznan
Tel: +48 61 851 8516
Fax: +48 61 851 8966

Hours: The Poznan Consular Agency is open to the public except for U.S. and Polish holidays on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

 Nonimmigrant and the Immigrant Visa Units of the U.S. Consular Offices in Poland.

We invite you to apply for a U.S. visa in the Embassy in Warsaw and in the Consulate General in Krakow and we welcome you to visit the United States of America! For information about travel to the United States please visit:
We are committed to facilitate legitimate travel to the United States in accordance with U.S. law and we strive to provide professional and courteous customer service to our visa applicants.  In our work, we are guided by the principles of transparency, fairness, professionalism and integrity.

For information on nonimmigrant visas please call either of the following numbers:

+48 22 307 1361 in Poland
+1 (703) 988-7101 in the United States

The telephone information service is open to callers from 0700 to 1500 hours (Polish time zone), Monday through Friday.  It is toll free for callers in Poland; there is no per-minute information charge.

More contact information can be found here.

24 Hour Automated Consular Services Information +(48)(22) 625-1401.

Written Correspondence – Warsaw

Letters regarding all visa related matters and consular issues in Warsaw should be addressed to:

Sekcja Konsularna
Ambasada Stanów Zjednoczonych w Warszawie, ul. Piękna 12
00-540 Warszawa

E-mail Addresses – Warsaw for all types of visa inquiries (immigrant, nonimmigrant, and diversity visa) and other consular issues; for the staff of U.S. Congress and Senate only; for adoption inquiries.

Note: you may receive a reply to case specific inquiries from or  However, all initial and routine inquiries should go to

Written Correspondence – Krakow

Letters regarding all visa related matters and consular issues in Krakow should be addressed to:
Konsulat Generalny USA
Sekcja Wizowa
ul. Stolarska 9  31-043 Krakow

E-mail Addresses – Krakow for all kinds of visa inquiries (IV, DV, NIV) and other consular issues; only for the staff of U.S. Congress and Senate.

Note: you may receive a reply to case specific inquiries from  However, all initial and routine inquiries should go to