American Information Resource Center Krakow

American Information Resource Center (AIRC) in Krakow: The purpose of the Centre is to provide timely and comprehensive information on foreign policy, the economy, trade and US internal affairs, society and American culture.
The group of prospective customers AIRC include representatives of local authorities, political parties, journalists, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs and others interested in the United States. The information is related to.:

  • US agencies and government institutions
  • Foreign and domestic economic policy
  • political events and new legislation
  • international relations, security and defense of the country
  • human rights and development of democracy
  • environmental, social and education
  • culture

Databases available online at AIRC:
Virtual Library – a collection of approx. 40 databases. Books: Books about, inter alia American political system and the legislative history and culture of the United States.

Video Collection:
Documentaries about politics, history, culture and international affairs.

Products: AIRC disseminate via electronic mailing list a monthly newsletter informing about current events co-organized by the US Consulate Spotlight and an online monthly for learners and teachers of English Zoom in on America.