Embassy Warsaw Organizes 3M “Toward Zero Deaths: Reducing Traffic Fatalities in Poland” Conference

On November 7, Deputy Chief of Mission Eric Green delivered opening remarks for a seminar on road safety in Poland entitled “Toward Zero Deaths: Reducing Traffic Fatalities in Poland” that was by the Embassy’s Foreign Commercial Service (FCS) on behalf of Minnesota-based 3M. Polish Ministry of Infrastructure Deputy Minister Mikołaj Wild; 3M Regional Director Alain Simonnet; and President of the American Highway Users Alliance, Mr. Greg Cohen also delivered opening remarks.

The half-day seminar brought together experts and officials responsible for Poland’s road safety, including the General and Regional Directorates for National Roads and Highways; the Road Safety Council; Intelligent Transportation Council; and scientific institutions that conduct research and development in this field. Participants engaged in discussions regarding changes to management and regulation technology that aim to reduce traffic fatalities in Poland.

Over the past 27 years, 3M has invested over $600 million in Poland, including seven factories (5 in Wroclaw, 1 in Janików, and 1 in Rabka) and currently employs 3,000 people.