Battle Group Poland Celebrates Polish Flag Day with Polish Neighbors

Battle Group Poland soldiers from the United States, United Kingdom and Romania arrived to Orzysz in late March, but they have already became a part of the Polish local community. On Poland’s Flag Day on May 2, the Battle Group participated in a flag raising ceremony, set up a static display at the annual Garrison Family Picnic, and took part in the 3,000 meter “Fun Run” race.  That same day, Gizycko Marina, soldiers participated in more Flag Day celebrations with a static display. Two U.S. Soldiers from the battle group took advantage of the patriotic atmosphere to reenlist in front of their Stryker.

On Constitution Day Battle Group Poland soldiers participated in a memorial ceremony and attended a mass at the local church in Orzysz, alongside the 15th Mechanized Brigade Polish soldiers and residents. Afterwards the Battle Group set up a static display in Orzysz.

Local resident Grzegorz Szwarc was excited to meet the soldiers, stating that Poland feels a lot safer with the Battle Group being here. He added, “If you attack from the east, it’s not just attacking us, it’s like an attack on many countries. It’s a good thing we have now formed an army from different nations.”

Battle Group Poland, a unique formation of more than 1,000 American, British and Romanian soldiers under U.S. command, is serving with the Polish 15th Mechanized Brigade in support of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence, a multinational contribution to demonstrate the Alliance’s readiness and resolve to deter and defend Eastern Europe.