Ambassador Jones to Host FLEX Program Students

On July 12, Ambassador Jones will host 30 participants of the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) program.  The event recognizes participants of the first Polish edition of the program, who will travel to various U.S. states this summer to begin their year-long educational and cultural experience.  At the event, FLEX exchange students will interact with U.S. diplomats and interns as well as representatives from American studies faculty, the Fulbright program, and NGOs who foster Polish-American relations.  The event is an opportunity for the FLEX participants to expand their knowledge about U.S. society and culture as part of their orientation.

As a prominent U.S. Department of State exchange program, FLEX sends high school students to the U.S. to attend American high schools for an academic year, live with U.S. families and participate in local community cultural and social activities.  The Polish secondary school students were selected for the program in a competitive application process.  Poland will be represented in the program for the first time.