Are You Ready for Some Football?: Embassy Warsaw Supports American Football League

Following the season opener of the American Football League ( in Wroclaw earlier this month, employees from the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw turned out to a game this past Sunday to watch the Warsaw Mets take on the Lodz Wolves as part of the Embassy’s ongoing support of the league on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Poland and the USA.  As part of this cooperation both Polish and U.S. hymns are played at the beginning of games including the presentation of Polish and American flags at the center of the field.

This partnership with the league is coordinated through the U.S. Embassy’s Sports UP initiative which strengthens relations between the United States and Poland through the promotion of sports, in particular American sports. It connects Poles, and especially the young generation, to the culture of sport in the USA and the values ​​that sport brings – teamwork, responsibility, fitness and tolerance.