Deputy Press Attaches Meets Students in Gdynia and Explains the Electoral College

The third High School in Gdynia invited Deputy Press Attache Stephen Dreikorn to deliver a presentation about the Electoral College. Dreikorn explained the history of the electoral college as well as some of its idiosyncrasies over the past 200 years. Following the presentation, Dreikorn answered questions on variety of subjects, including American politics, life as a diplomat, and how to study in the United States.

A local student, Mateusz Laszczych, initiated the presentation based on having met Dreikorn previously at a discussion about U.S. Presidential Elections in Olsztyn last year. “I was very surprised and happy when Mateusz sent the email inviting me to do a presentation at his school in Gdynia. The students were very sharp and asked a lot of insightful questions about the Electoral College,” Dreikorn stated. “Considering the close relationship between the United States and Poland, it is important to understand how each country’s political system works, and I’m glad these students now understand our unique Electoral College,” he added. Upon completing the presentation, the Vice Principal gave Dreikorn a tour of the high school.

The U.S. Embassy’s “Meet America” program helps bring American Diplomats to universities, schools, and other institutions to deliver presentation about a wide variety of topics.  For more information about the “Meet America” program, please click here.