Civilan Affairs Team Particpates in 274th Birthday Anniversary Celebration for Gen. Casimir Pulaski

U.S. Civil Affairs Soldiers Sergeant First Class Joshua Harkema and Sergeant First Class Devon Debaney represented the United States at the 274th birthday anniversary of Casimir Pulaski at the Pulaski Museum in Warka, Poland. The event highlighted Casimir Pulaski, known as the father of the American Cavalry and his role in the American Revolutionary War. The event also highlighted the centennial of diplomatic relations between Poland and the United States. Sergeant Harkema offered remarks about his experience in Poland and the history of ties between the people of the U.S. and Poland while emphasizing the importance of the relationship and ensuring that it continues. Civil Affairs teams in Poland act as a liaison between the U.S. Army and the Polish civil society and frequently attend events in Poland that provide opportunities to engage with Polish citizens.