Ambassador Mark Brzezinski Signed the Greening Diplomacy Initiative Pledge

Ambassador Mark Brzezinski Signs the Greening Diplomacy Initiative Pledge

17 November 2022

I, the undersigned Chief of Mission, on behalf of the Mission community, commit to leading by example in tackling the climate crisis by enhancing the resilience and sustainability of facilities and operations under my purview and leveraging our actions in our diplomatic outreach.  In doing so, I will ensure that the Mission strives to meet the spirit of the sustainability performance goals as enshrined in Executive Orders 14008 and 14057, the Energy Policy Act of 2020, and the Department of State’s Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan and the Sustainability Plan.

Embassies and consulates are vital forces for introducing innovative solutions, promoting joint prosperity, and advancing U.S. leadership.  This pledge reflects the Mission’s commitment to making government operations more efficient, modern, and cost-effective by modeling solutions that improve climate resilience, clean energy deployment, electrification of vehicle fleets, energy and water efficiency, sustainable procurement, and other goals.  The Mission also commits to engaging the host government, private sector, and local communities to support our shared climate priorities.

As the leader of this Mission, I pledge the following:

  • To lead my Mission by exemplifying and encouraging actions to reduce our environmental footprint;
  • To enhance our climate resilience by ensuring climate vulnerabilities are included in emergency action plans and preparedness planning;
  • To support the formation, reinvigoration, or ongoing efforts of Green Teams;
  • To ensure our Mission is submitting relevant data per FAM requirements, especially data on utility usage, and that we leverage data to prioritize the improvement of the sustainability and efficiency of our operations;
  • To leverage a whole-of-Mission approach to advance clean energy and energy efficiency for the Mission and host country;
  • To implement sustainable and responsible procurement, water, and waste practices and seek opportunities to partner with other embassies, local government, and more to lead by example;
  • To promote American climate solutions and leadership overseas through commercial and eco-diplomacy; and
  • To actively support our host countries and cities’ sustainability and climate adaptation goals through mutual exchange of challenges, solutions, and best practices.

Ambassador Mark Brzezinski
U.S. Mission Poland