Honoring Warsaw Uprising Veteran Col. Klimczak

On February 15, the U.S. Embassy honored Colonel Kazimierz Klimczak, the oldest living 1944 Warsaw Uprising veteran who celebrated his 105th birthday, by bestowing him with a Congressional flag that flew above the US Capitol building. The flag was donated at the request of the Honorable Senator Mark Warner (D-VA).

Colonel Klimczak fought in 1939 against the German invaders in the Battle of Bzura where he lost his arm while manning an anti-tank cannon. Despite this injury, he joined Poland’s resistance movement and fought in the Warsaw Uprising as a member of the Polish Home Army (AK).

The U.S. Embassy was represented by Naval Attaché Commander Thomas Wypyski, Assistant Army Attaché, Major Andrew Underwood, Sergeant First Class Cook, George Gale and Agnieszka Gale.