Embassy Honors History of Polish-U.S. Relations at Łazarski Univeristy

On May 15, Cultural Attaché Dan Hastings visited  Łazarski University in Warsaw where he met with second and third year international relations and law students as part of the U.S. Embassy’s ongoing “100 Years Together: People, History, Future” initiative.  Highlighting that the connections between America and Poland date back to America’s founding and the contributions of Polish generals Kosciuszko and Pułaski, Hastings spoke about America’s contributions to Poland’s rebirth 100 years ago, which included President Wilson’s diplomatic support and large-scale relief assistance to the Polish nation after it regained independence.   Hastings also spoke about the Declaration of Admiration and Friendship for the United States, the Polish people’s unique gift presented in 1926 to the United States on the 150th anniversary of its independence which contained signatures and appreciation from 5.5 million Poles.  Hastings reaffirmed these important connections for today and said they set the stage for a bright future between Poland and the United States.