The Big Lubuskie Trip

From October 3-5, Assistant Cultural Affairs Attache Scott Whitmore traveled through the Lubuskie Voivodeship for the U.S. Embassy’s 100 years/100 cities and towns outreach effort as part of our Sto Lat Razem campaign.  Stops included school visits to Lubniewice, Sulęcin and Różanki for presentations on U.S. and Polish cooperation over the past 100 years and Gorzow Wielkopolski at the Central Public Library for a presentation on baseball and a demonstration with players and coaches from the Witnica Wolves baseball club.  Following the baseball demonstration, where students got to take some swings at the ball, they also got to take part in another American tradition associated with baseball-eating hot dogs.  The goal of these outreach events is to reconnect with a young generation of Poles and discuss the long, shared history between Poland and the United States as part of the celebration of the U.S. role in Poland regaining independence a century ago.