Coming to Trojmiasto: Memphis in Poland Festival Celebrating American Culture and Civil Rights

The Memphis in Poland Festival is the second part of an international cultural festival which honored Polish culture in Tennessee in 2015 and will now honor American Culture and Civil Rights in Trojmiasto June 12-18.

The festival will feature a concert on June 17 at Opera Lesna which will include Polish and American blues and rock bands, including the popular Polish band, Nocna Zmiana Bluesa (listen), which is the laureate of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.  The concert will also feature two American bands:  Memphis Mix (listen), and Rock for Human Rights (listen) which will play Memphis style rock, blues, and soul.

The weeklong festival opens on June 12th at the European Solidarity Center in Gdansk with the unveiling of a new “Freedom Award” exhibition organized by the National Civil Rights Museum and the European Solidarity Center.  The Freedom Award honors individuals who have made significant contributions in civil rights and who have laid the foundation for present and future leaders in the battle for human rights.  Since 1991, the Freedom Award has served as a symbol of the ongoing fight for human rights both in America and worldwide.

Throughout the week there will be lectures on civil rights, musical performances, and other activities celebrating freedom, human rights, and American culture.