Deputy Chief of Mission Celebrates Civil Society in Poland

DCM Bix Aliu with the MISO Board of Directors

DCM Bix Aliu spoke at the International Institute of Civil Society’s (MISO) annual event, which honors individuals and organizations that work together to foster civil society in Poland.  DCM Aliu talked about the vital role an engaged civil society plays in safeguarding rights and advocating for the interests of citizens.  Founded by IVLP alumnus Mateusz Komorowski, MISO’s motto is “Together, we can do more,” and the organization empowers citizens to do more by promoting civic engagement across Poland.  President and founder Mateusz Komorowski is a longtime friend of the Embassy, starting back in 2006 when he was a finalist in our annual “I Know America” competition for high school students.  Since then, Mateusz has developed into a true leader, working to create positive change in Poland.