First Delegations of Open World Program in the U.S.

photo: American Councils for International Education

On August 10, 2022, the first delegations from Poland traveled to the United States as part of the Open World Program funded by the United States Congress, run by the Congressional Office for International Leadership (Open World Leadership Center) and implemented by the American Councils for International Education.The 10-day visit to the United States was aimed at contributing to the exchange of ideas and knowledge with people who deal with the same areas socially or professionally. The topics of the first delegations were: integration of refugees and displaced persons, mental health and counseling, and learning Polish as a second language.The delegates spent the first two days in Washington, D.C., and then went to local communities in Alabama, Virginia, and New York, where they attended training and meetings prepared for them.We hope that the acquired knowledge and experience will bring great results in the further work of the delegates, and the established contacts will contribute to the development of cooperation between Poland and the United States. More information about the Open World Exchange Program can be found at American Councils Poland’s website