“Polish Americans / American Poles” Exhibition in Krakow

Celebrated in the United States since 1981, Polish American Heritage Month honors the vital contributions people of Polish descent have made to the U.S. in the arts, sciences and culture.  The U.S. Mission Poland celebrated Polish-American Heritage Month this October with several unique projects and initiatives.  In partnership with the Institute for Culture Villa Decius, the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow, created a special and thought-provoking outdoor exhibition, which honors the achievements of the Polish American community.  “Polish Americans/ American Poles,” on display in Krakow’s Planty Park near Wawel Castle, has attracted great interest and attention during the month of October.  Owing to its great success, the exhibition was prolonged until the mid-November, when it will be moved to another location.  Through photographs and graphic designs, the exhibition tells the story of the people, places and events which have shaped the fabric of American life since the arrival of the first Polish immigrants in the early 1600s.  Among those highlighted in the exhibit are individuals like NASA astronaut George Zamka, physist and Nobel Prize winner Frank Wilczek and beloved basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.  Those visiting the exhibition can learn about Polish Fest in Milwaukee, the Polish American Sports Hall of Fame in Michigan, and examine the history of Panna Maria, the first Polish settlement in Texas.  Observers can discover the many American cities with Polish names, including Krakow, Warsaw, Lublin and Czestochowa.  The exhibit presents just a fraction of the many contributions Polish Americans.  To learn more about the “Polish Americans/ American Poles” exhibition, please listen to Consul General Patrick Slowinski’s interviews on  RMF FM and Radio Krakow , visit this link to check out podcasts produced by Villa Decius on related themes, or click here to test your knowledge of Polish Americans with our fun, interactive quiz!