Embassy Celebrates Women’s History Month with Warsaw University Student Association

Representatives of the Independent Students’ Association present flowers to CAO Dan Hastings for the Embassy's support of the Prawie Kino project.

On March 27 CAO Dan Hastings spoke at this year’s inaugural event of the Prawie Kino, a project run by the Independent Students’ Association of the University of Warsaw.  To celebrate Women’s History Month the Embassy partnered with Prawie Kino to sponsor a special screening of the iconic Color Purple by Steven Spielberg featuring Oprah Winfrey and Whoopi Goldberg.   The renowned Polish film critic Sebastian Smoliński gave an introduction of the film to the 75 students and public visitors in the audience.  The event took place at the beautifully restored Old University Library Hall on the Krakowskie Przedmiescie campus.  The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw is proud of its ongoing partnership with Prawie Kino and the Independent Students’ Association.