California Prunes the Best in Food Industry

Esther Ritson–Elliott, European Marketing Director, California Prune Board (Europe) and Michał Kopera, People PR at the Golden Clips 2016 awards ceremony.

Esther Ritson–Elliott, European Marketing Director, California Prune Board (Europe) and Michał Kopera, People PR at the Golden Clips 2016 awards ceremony.

The Office of Agricultural Affairs of the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw would like to announce that a leading U.S. Industry Cooperator Group, The California Prune Board, and its Polish representative People PR, have been recognized for the best public relations food sector campaign for “The Friend from California” by Golden Clips 2016 the leading Polish PR award competition.

The cold evening of December, 2, 2016 in Warsaw turned out to be remarkably hot for the U.S. prune industry from sunny California. During the final gala of the most prestigious Polish PR industry contest known as Golden Clips, the best PR campaigns for Poland in 2016 were awarded. “The Friend from California”, conducted by the California Prune Board to strengthen the California Prunes market in Poland, received the highest award given by the Jury for the food industry sector – the Silver Clip. In addition, the campaign for U.S. prunes was ranked as one of the 3 best projects nominated in the important category of effectiveness.

It is an honorable award. Last years of our activity in Poland have proved that local consumers love California Prunes. And this feeling is mutual! We are working with outstanding journalists and a fast growing food blogosphere. Talented Polish chefs continually give prunes a new culinary face. We are focused not only on sending messages to the market, but also on listening to our target group and preparing content that can be – literally – consumed with great taste. Being a winner and a contest debutant at the same time is a great honor and we would like to thank the Jury for recognizing our efforts. The fact, that such super brands as Coca-Cola and E. Wedel were nominated in our category, proves the highest level of the competition. – comments Esther Ritson–Elliott, European Marketing Director, California Prune Board (Europe).

List of all awarded campaigns can be found here: 

About California Prune Board

Who are CPB? The California Prune Board, under the authority of the California Secretary of Food and Agriculture, represents the entire 900 prune plums growers and 29 prune packers of California, the largest producer of prunes in the world and known to offer the best quality due to the regions’ rigorous harvesting techniques and quality control. The premium produce is supplied to 72 countries worldwide and the region contributes 43% of the world’s prune supplies and 99% of the United States’ prune supplies.

The California Prune Board EU office, based in the UK, is responsible for market development, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, education initiatives, market research and nutrition research.  The California Prune Board has been working in the UK and Europe for the past 25 years, raising the profile of California Prunes as a healthy and nutritious commodity product. More information is available at:
                                        “Friend from California” – information about the campaign

“Friend from California” is the name of the information campaign organized by California Prune Board for Poland. Its main aim is to familiarize the Poles with health benefits, quality and versatility of California Prunes. The “Friend from California” campaign includes a number of initiatives addressed to consumers, business partners and media such as for instance: publication of research, press briefings or cooking workshops. More information can be found under and