U.S. Speaker Engages with Audiences Throughout Poland on the Rebirth of Poland and American Support

Dr. Radzilowski with Polish High School Students at Opole Public Library Named after John Paul II

Polish-American historian Dr. John Radzilowski from the University of Alaska visited Poland in mid-February as part of the U.S. Mission’s ongoing campaign “100 Years Together:  People, History, Future.”   He traveled throughout the country to discuss America’s role in the rebirth of Poland 100 years ago, the friendship between President Woodrow Wilson and Polish composer and Prime Minister Ignacy Jan Paderewski, and the contributions of Polish-Americans and U.S. government relief efforts in sustaining Polish independence after World War I.  Dr. Radzilowski engaged with young audiences, including high school and university students, high school teachers and university professors, and Polish media.   One of his interviews with a national daily on America’s shared history with Poland reached approximately 500,000 readers.  Dr. Radzilowski’s outreach showed audiences the importance of acts by leaders and ordinary citizens both in fostering relations between Poland and the United States a century ago.