Requirements for Bringing Pets from Third Countries (incl. Ukraine) to Poland and the European Union 

Requirements for Bringing Pets from Third Countries (incl. Ukraine) to Poland and the European Union

  1. INDIVIDUAL IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM.Dogs, cats, and ferrets must bear
    a transponder (an electronic identification system) or a clearly readable tattoo.
  2. VALID ANTI-RABIES VACCINATION.Anti-rabies vaccination documentation must be attached to the health certificate. The pet must be microchipped prior to vaccination.
  3. THE IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENT – HEALTH CERTIFICATE.An official vetof the country from which the pet will be imported must issue an identity document with description of the animal.  Dogs, cats, and ferrets must be accompanied by a health certificate issued by an official veterinarian or veterinarian authorized by the competent authority. Poland accepts Polish language Health Certificates; notarized translations are also accepted.
  4. NEUTRALIZING ANTIBODY TITRATION TEST.At least equal to 0,5 IU/ml carried out in an approved laboratory on a sample taken by an authorized veterinarian, at least 30 days after vaccination and three months before importing an animal. The result of titration test must be documented in the appropriate section of the identity document by an authorized veterinarian. The document with the result of this test must be attached to the health certificate.  The blood sample must be examined in the laboratory approved by the European Commission. Please see reverse for approved rabies serology laboratories in Ukraine.

Detailed information is available on the General Veterinary Inspectorate’s website:

Approved Rabies Serology Laboratories in Ukraine

Central State Laboratory of Veterinary Medicine

Donetskaya str., 30
UA-03151 Kiev
Tel: +380.243.37.55

State Scientific and Research Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary Sanitary Expertise

30, Donetskaya Str.
Kyiv-151, 03151, Ukraine
Details of the laboratory:
Tel: +380 44 243.37.54
Fax: +380 44 243.37.55

Details of the contact point:
Tel: +380 44 278.84.92

NeoVetlab Ukraine Ltd

11, Akademika Viliamsa str. Building 1, apt.101
Kyiv, 03191, Ukraine
Details of the laboratory:
Tel: +380684943383
Fax: +380501913383

State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms. Department of Biotechnology and Quality Control of Viral Preparations

30, Donetska str.
03151 Kyiv
Tel: +38044 245-76-08