Scheme for the Grant Application to the US Embassy in Warsaw

Please send to: 

Application date:

Grant Applicant:

  • Name of the organization in English and in Polish.
  • Address, phone number, e-mail address, Internet website address.
  • Names and titles of the project author, coordinator(s), the organization’s director/president, and other people who will be engaged in the project. Please attach resumes of the director and project coordinator and their contact information.
  • Please provide DUNS, NCAGE number and confirmation of SAM registration.

Background on the organization:

  • When was your organization registered? What is your organization’s legal status? What are your organization’s main goals?
  • Who primarily benefits from your organization’s activities?
  • How many full-time, part-time and volunteer staff members do you have?
  • Briefly describe your organization’s present activities and/or programs.
  • Please list any previous U.S. Government funding (amount, year of grant, project title, and name of the grant-giving institution).

Project Description and Justification:

  • Title of the project.
  • Project dates (no longer than one year) and place of implementation.
  • Project summary (no more than 2-5 sentences).
  • Briefly describe the activities that will be undertaken (no more than 400 words). What is the U.S. component of the project?
  • Project justification. Why is this project necessary now? What problem(s) will the project address and who will benefit? Why should the US government support this project? How did you select U.S. experts and why they were selected?
  • Target Audience. Who are the beneficiaries of the project and how they will be selected (number of people, participants’ background, gender, age)? Please justify why the project should be targeting this group.
  • Will project participants have to pay any fees?
  • What short and long-term goals will the project achieve? What will be the sustained impact of this project, and will it continue after the grant?
  • Timeline of project activities.
  • Other sources of support for this project (in kind, other sponsors).
  • Other organizations you applied to with the same project and status of your application.

Amount requested (in USD):

Project Budget:

Please use the following pattern when preparing your budget:

Item Unit Number of Units Unit cost Sub-total Financial sources
U.S. Embassy Your share Other sponsors


The applicant should prepare a line-by-line list of expenses generated by this project. The budget should be prepared in a logical manner and offer enough detail that a reviewer will be able to understand what the figures mean and how they were determined.

Examples of budget categories: accommodation (number of hotel nights), project coordinator’s fee broken down into months, graphic designer’s fee, train / air travel, expert’s honorarium, etc.

Administrative costs in the project, to be covered by U.S. Government funds, must not exceed 10% of the total grant amount.

Anyone whose transatlantic air travel is financed by U.S. Government funds must utilize the economy class services of a U.S. flag carrier.

Applicants may not obligate expenses for a proposed project until all required administrative procedures have been completed in the awards process and the award agreement is signed.

The U.S. Embassy does not cover project costs retroactively.

Eligibility Requirements

The Public Affairs Section will consider grant requests only from organizations successfully registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). To register in SAM you must obtain DUNS and NCAGE numbers first. Obtaining DUNS and NCAGE, followed by registering in SAM, may take up to several weeks, so applicants are advised to start early.

DUNS Registration (Dun & Bradstreet -D&B)

For details go to:

Obtaining a DUNS number in support of submitting a grant proposal to the USG is to be at no cost to the applicant. Any additional services offered during the registration process are not necessary and the applicant is under no obligation to sign up for them.

NCAGE Registration (NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity)

For details go to

NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) Code must be assigned to applicant organization. Applicants need to go to the above web address and request an NCAGE code.

When obtaining DUNS and NCAGE numbers, please make sure that you provide exactly the same organization details (name, address) as in KRS and REGON.

SAM Registration (System for Award Management)

To register in SAM please go to

Awards to individuals are exempt from DUNS, NCAGE and registration in SAM requirements.