Promoting U.S.-Poland Military Cooperation at Security Day in Radom

On May 31, U.S. Embassy Assistant Army Attaché Major Andrew Underwood gave a lecture on the history, present and future of military cooperation between Poland and the United States as part of the Security Day organized by the College of Commerce in Radom under the theme “Twenty years of Poland in NATO structures.” The aim of this year’s event was to increase knowledge about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Poland’s role in the Alliance, as well as to strengthen the public’s understanding of civic and democratic institutions.

The event organizers provided participants with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with historic military vehicles (including U.S. ones) belonging to the Pilica Reconstruction Group and equipment used in rescue missions (e.g., military pilot rescue equipment). Participants were also able to receive a briefing on forensic laboratory tools and view a display of old and modern firearms.

American Corner Radom was the partner of the event.