Digital Tools for the Classroom – Workshops for the Modern Educator

U.S. Embassy Warsaw and the American Corners invite teachers to a series of five workshops: Digital Tools in Education – seminars for the modern teacher. Teacher and trainer Łukasz Gierek invites you to experience the world of modern education and new technologies. The workshops will be held in Polish and offer will offer educators new tools and ideas for engaging online teaching. You may participate in individual workshops.

January 18, 18:00: Rising to the Challenge of Remote Teaching – Tools for the Modern Educator. In our first workshop, we’ll look at ways to use technology to activate and encourage your students, even if you’re teaching remotely. We’ll also discuss how to choose the best tools for online teaching, including applications and equipment so that you have what you need without spending a fortune!

January 25, 18:00: Creative Ways to Use Smartphones as a Teaching Tool – Today’s cellphones are like mini-super computers, offering educators limitless possibilities. In this session, we will learn how to use them to create virtual laboratories that will engage your students in active learning.

February 1, 18:00: Welcome to Augmented Reality! AR uses the power of our phones to enhance the real-world environment. This week, we will learn how to use AR to explain math, explore history and visit new places.

February 8, 18:00: Interactive Blackboards – when we teach remotely, we often lack the equipment we have in our normal classrooms. What if you could “borrow” an interactive blackboard using your laptop? Discover powerful new tools that will turn your laptop into a control center for your educational universe.

February 15, 18:00: Using Skype in the Classroom – One of the three Polish “Skype Master Teachers” invites you to the world of international relations and trips. Invite your class today to Sequoia National Park, the Sea Turtle Habitat, or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.