Ambassador Jones and Mrs. Jones Host “Masters and Robots” Conference Participants

On October 25 Ambassador Paul Jones and Mrs. Catherine Jones hosted participants of the first edition of “Masters and Robots” Conference, dedicated to exponential technology and to promoting activity that raises human evolution for the greater good. The conference is organized by Digital University Foundation and SingularityU Warsaw Chapter, the Polish branch of Singularity University. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2009, SingularityU is a global community that helps to achieve scientific and innovative breakthroughs. Today it is supported by the biggest tech companies in the world. SingularityU Warsaw Chapter facilitates vibrant local innovation ecosystems, whose participants focus on furthering the SU mission of leveraging exponential technologies to solve humanity’s challenges.

“Masters and Robots” conference is focused on how the business world must adapt in the face of accelerating progress, and it’s goal is to empower the visionaries to build the solutions for a social impact and the better tomorrow. Among speakers are many business experts from all around the world, including the United States.

Mrs. Jowita Michalska, a founder of Digital University Foundation and leadership team member of SingularityU Warsaw Chapter, aims to create a synergy between big corporations, finance and the tech world in Poland and the region. Jowita was one of the panelists during Mrs. Jones’  “Women in Tech: Coffee and Conversation” event (more information here) organized by the Embassy in August 2017. This event brought together local female leaders from many industries and sectors for an open conversation about the challenges women face in entrepreneurship and technology, and what opportunities for success – and for supporting fellow women – exist. Mrs. Jones is passionate supporter of women in technology. She is a founder and CEO of Werbie LLC, a start-up that works on solutions for women with diabetes.