Sports UP – U.S. Embassy Warsaw Launches New Sports Diplomacy Initiative

Sports UP (“U” for U.S. and “P” for Poland) is Embassy Warsaw’s initiative focused on bringing the United States and Poland closer together through the promotion of sports, particularly American sports. Sporting events are a fantastic way to increase dialogue between Poles and Americans and greater mutual cultural understanding between our two nations.

Sports are a wonderful way to create opportunities for dialogue and to teach important values such as leadership, teamwork, responsibility, inclusion and tolerance.  It also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Sports connects our nations, drawing our communities together by strengthening ties and celebrating common ideals. In a time of highly politicized debates, sport offers a haven where people can put aside their differences and come together on the field of play.  Poland and the U.S. share close, historical ties and sports are a great way to revitalize this relationship for a new generation.

The popularity of American sports continues to grow in Poland and the first American football field was built in Zielona Gora and in Wroclaw a new softball and baseball complex was built making it the first such field in a large Polish city.  Both fields were built with the support and funding from the local communities, illustrating the grassroots support for American sports.  The U.S. Embassy has already partnered with various organizations in Poland to expand our sports education in schools.  Our partners include Marcin Gortat’s foundation – MG13, the Polish League of American Football, Polish League of Baseball and Softball as well as various sports teams across Poland.

We encourage organizations from all across Poland to reach out to us, if you are interested in promoting American sports in your region and to tell us about your activities.

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