Summer Work Travel Photo Exhibit Opens in Krakow

Consul General Walter Braunohler and Krakow Pedagogical University Deputy Rector Kazimierz Karolczak opened an impressive photographic exhibit showcasing the 25 finalist photos of the 2015 Summer Work Travel Photo (SWT) Contest, which U.S. Consulate Krakow and U.S. Embassy Warsaw jointly organized in fall 2015.  The opening gathered over 200 university students and faculty.  The aim of the contest was to show the experience of Polish students who participated in what is effectively the Mission’s largest exchange program.  Last year some 5,000 young Poles participated in the SWT, which consists of working in the United States during the summer and then travelling around the country for a month with income earned during their stay.  After the opening, Krakow Consular Chief Aaron Luster delivered a lecture to about 150 students regarding the SWT, discussing the requirements and benefits from participation in the program.  Shortly before the opening, the Consulate’s Information Resource Center Assistant delivered a presentation to 200 high school students on the Consulate’s monthly on-line publication Zoom in on America, highlighting the value of Zoom for students who want to develop their language skills and learn more about the United States’ culture, history, art, and people.