Ambassador Jones Meets with 8-year Old Tadzio

On Friday, the Ambassador invited 8-year old Tadzio Osko from Warsaw, Poland to the U.S. Embassy.  Tadzio had written a letter to Ambassador Jones, showing  his passion for space.  In his letter, Tadzio expressed his wish to eventually join NASA and become the first human to walk on Mars.

Tadzio and his parents visited the embassy for a meeting with Ambassador Jones as well as U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mark Brykowytch, who has worked on numerous space-related projects. The Ambassador and Lieutenant Colonel Brykowytch presented Tadzio with a book containing photographs from space, as well as a signed portrait from NASA astronaut George Zamka. George Zamka, who has Polish ancestry, wrote to Tadzio, “Hi Tadzio, may your dreams come true”.  Lieutenant Colonel Brykowytch and Ambassador Jones also gave Tadzio advice on how he can achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut.