The Results of My America Summer Work Travel Photo Contest 2018


We are pleased to announce the winner and finalists of the 2018 edition of the My America photo contest for participants of the Summer Work Travel program. All photos can be seen HERE

Winner – Bogusz Kluz “Have you ever been on Mars?”

The other finalists include the following photos (names as given by participants) and their authors (in alphabetical order):

Dominika Czeglik “Overnight look at One World Trade Center”

Kamil Jackowski “Child of Los Angeles”

Zuzanna Jankowska “The bean world”

Bogusz Kluz “Magic Tunnel”

Wiktoria Kot “Cowboys”

Szymon Matelak “House in the desert”

Szymon Matelak “Night at the foot of Watchman in Zion”

Natalia Ociepa “Little break away from the city”

Natalia Ociepa “Try to be higher than Monument Valley”

Samanta Patoń “Surrounded by nature”

Samanta Patoń “You have to climb 1048 steps to see the view”

Dominika Salwierak “Wild, Wild West”

Dominika Salwierak ” My dream world in blue glasses”

Wiktoria Siwiak “Depot”

Sylwia Skowronek “Morning walk”

Sylwia Skowronek “A beautiful place to get lost”

Radosław Snopkowski Antelope Canyon

Kasia Stępka “Make dreams come true”

Natalia Szczepańska “Happiness”

Natalia Szczepańska “Fear is only in your mind”

Kasia Torbiarczyk “End of the world”

Patrycja Witek “Mesa Arch a hidden treasure”